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Remedies from Lu, home remedies to avoid being in the summer!

 Measures to avoid Lu in the summer

The biggest problem of summer season is health problems. The rising temperature in the summer days and hot winds during that time can also cause problems for anyone. Due to the high temperature in the summer season, it is common to have increased temperature due to sunlight, lunariness, stiffness in the air and dehydration in the body. In many cities, the temperature crosses 45 degrees during this period. Dehydration and lungation are a common problem.  Avoid Lu in the summer "width =" 980 "height =" 490

due to warm lu running in summer, people have dehydration, weakness in the body and There are problems related to stomach, besides fever, chills, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. also occur. If you have problems like this in the summer, then there is no need to worry! Because today we are going to tell you about what to do in the summer and avoid Lu.

Home remedies to avoid Lu: -

To avoid Lu in the summer season you have to work harder So you have to do Here we are telling you some simple home remedies that can help to avoid dehydration and lung problems.

1. Coriander -

To avoid sunburn in the summer season, you should use foods that can cool the body. And coriander can help you in this. Its cold saffron will provide body cooling as well as furnace. Soak the coriander in water for this, then after cooling it well, filter it. Now add some sugar in this filtered water and drink it.

2. Mango sherbet -

Even if it consumes more of it in the summer, the fungi is released. But if you consume mangoes, mango shakes and papaya then you can avoid the problem of feeling lonely.

3. Curd and things made from it -

Cooking of lassi, curd, buttermilk and math etc. in the summer season is considered very beneficial. These not only help in protecting body from dehydration, but also provide relief from heat by meeting the body's water shortage. By the way, you can also take some black [] salt and cumin seeds in buttermilk.

4. Water Consumption -

Many people do not have the habit of taking water while going out of the house. But do you know that this habit is very harmful to your health. Therefore, the water bottle should always be kept together during the summer days. And drink water in a little while. One more thing should never be left out empty stomach from home. Because if you go out hungry then you are more likely to feel hungry. So eat whenever you leave home.

5. Fruit juice -

Fruit juice is also very beneficial to protect yourself from dehydration in summer. Includes cooling, coconut water, lemonade and other fruit juices. By eating such fluids in summer, there is no dehydration in the body. And Lu does not even look. And such liquids also help in reducing obesity.

6. Gourd -

Gourd contains high amounts of water, which does not have water in the body. In summer, there is a lot of difficulty in digesting food in the body. In this way gourd raita, gourd vegetable and its juice can be beneficial for you. Apart from gourd you can also eat vegetables such as tomai, cucumber, cucumber etc.

7. Jaljira -

Jaljira is a very good way to avoid diseases related to stomach disorders, cavities and bile etc. in the summer. With these intake, these problems can be cured. Along with this, it is very beneficial to have basil and neem paste when it is hot.

8. Energy Drink -

Due to hot summer running hot lo, there is a problem of dehydration in the body which is called the problem of water scarcity. It would be beneficial to consume glucose and energy drinks. Keep in mind, continue to eat glucose until it is completely healthy.

9. Vitamin C and A -

In the summer, foods should be consumed with a good amount of vitamins C and Vitamin A. You will find it in sour fruits like orange, seasonal, lemon etc. Apart from this Mint can also help you with this problem. Because with this irritation, fever also removes the problem of gas and lu.

10. Salad -

Cucumber and onion salad is very beneficial in the summer. While cucumber satisfies the body's water needs, the raw onion protects from the heat. If the onion is eaten regularly in the summer, then the likelihood of the luncheon becomes very low.

So these were some home remedies, which can be avoided by the help of Loon. Just have to take care of your body and health. One more thing, do not consume water immediately after coming out from anywhere. Doing so may cause problems. If you have to drink water then drink only when your body temperature is normal.

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Remedies from Lu, home remedies to avoid being in the summer! | Remedies from Lu, home remedies to avoid being in the summer!
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