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Learn The Truth Of The 10 Myths Related To Condom (Top 10 Condom Myths & Facts)
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People are victims of many myths about information related to sex in India. There are many misconceptions among people about condoms and its use. We all know how to be effective protection? But do not make any decisions without reading the further which we are going to tell. We are going to tell you the myth and their truth associated with condoms.

1. Myth: Buying condoms must be 18 years old.

Truth: You can buy condoms at any age. You can also take condoms free from any community contractor clinic, sexual and geniomatory medicine clinic or any body working for sexual awareness.

2. Myth: No need for condoms in oral and anal sex.

Truth: The purpose of the use of condoms is not only to divvent divgnancy, but also to safeguard against sexually transmitted diseases. If you are not sure about yourself or your partner being infected then definitely use condoms. According to experts, condoms are important in divventing sexually transmitted diseases, especially when there is scarring on the penis, or bitten by teeth.

3. Myth: Condoms are never bad.

Truth: It is wrong, condom expires. Read the packet carefully, buying condoms carefully. It has its expiry date in it. Some people can say that without condoms, it is better to have sex, use old condoms. Be careful with such advice, because it can cause body rashes. There can also be a kind of irritability. Condom can easily burst due to the finish of flexibility. Do not show any quickness to buy a new packet and go to bed before applying condom correctly.

4. Myth: Condoms are uncomfortable and give less enjoyment.

Truth: Many studies have found that this is not true. People use it to feel the same joy as without it. Although some condoms are designed in such a way that there is a delay in reaching the organism, it does not mean that sensitivity is also reduced.

5. MYTH: If the woman has taken the pill (pill), then the condom is not needed.

Truth: Taking the pill does not guarantee protection from sexually transmitted disease or infection. In some cases the pills do not affect the divvention of divgnancy. You should also avoid this myth.

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6. MYTH: Two condoms are more secure.

Truth: Only one condom is used to avoid unwanted divgnancy and sexual infections. In fact, applying two condoms will increase the chances of friction. Condoms can burst. Therefore, the person should not use two condoms as this increases the likelihood of leakage.

7. MYTH: Any oil can be used for lubrication

TRUTH: Most condoms are sufficiently smooth for use. If you need more liquidity, then use any material made of water or silicon, do not use any oil made from it. Oil destroys the rubber, so that the condom can burst.

8. Myth: Store anywhere.

Truth: Condoms should not be stored in a place with too much or too low temperature. At such a place (for example your pocket) where friction occurs, condoms can be damaged. This increases the risk of getting out of the sperm condom.

9. Myth: Latex can not be used for allergies (Tertiary).

Truth: Not so. Being allergic to latex does not force you to have sex or to make unprotected sex. To avoid this problem, latex condoms are available in the market which can be used. These divvent condom divvention made from Lambskin, but do not divvent infection.

10. Myth: Only use heterosexual.

Truth: Always remember that condoms do not divvent divgnancy, but also protect from infection, so homogeneous couples should not even ignore them.

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Learn The Truth Of The 10 Myths Related To Condom (Top 10 Condom Myths & Facts) | Timesok.com Learn The Truth Of The 10 Myths Related To Condom (Top 10 Condom Myths & Facts)
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