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Learn about 10 reasons for pain in the knees and easy ways to get relief (10 Possible Causes For Knee Pain)
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Knee is a part of the human body, which carries the load of the whole body. The last end of the two bones called femer and tibia end after the knee, but the last end of both of them does not meet with each other. The cartilage layer is attached to the knee joint. Cartilage is a group of soft connective tissues such as smooth and rubber, which helps fold and rotate joints properly. Hurt and wound can cause harm to the cartilage, causing cartilage to rub and knee pain and swelling can be complicated. But there are many other reasons for this, which have problems in knee pain. Director of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Amit Pospati at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai is telling some reasons that may be responsible for joints or knee pain.

If If you are suffering from obesity then your body weight can become an enemy of your knees, because when the weight is high, its full load comes on the feet. Complaining of knee pain due to the full load of the body on the feet starts to complain.
Deformities in the feet
The persons whose legs are folded back and straight, , Which can cause knee pain and arthritis. Surgery can be done to overcome this distortion of the foot. This can reduce the chances of knee pain and arthritis.
Those who work kneeling or lunging throughout the day, they have a higher risk of knee pain. Carpenters and plumberers come in this category, so they are more susceptible to knee pain than others. Apart from this, a kindergarten teacher who teaches children on the ground can also be subjected to knee pain, but with the help of physiotherapy and exercise, this problem may be slightly relieved
TB and Bacterial infection can damage your knee. This can lead to unbearable pain, swelling and closeness in the knee. The pain caused by injections in the knees causes a lot of trouble for the patient to walk. To know the cause of knee pain due to infections,
blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans have to be done.
Rheumatoid arthritis (serum), Soreatic arthritis (enzymes), Enkulising spondylitis and arthritis The cause may be swelling in knees. These diseases can be cured with the help of medicines, but if the knee becomes more damaged then there is no alternative except surgery. With the help of modern medical technology, the patient can return home in 3 days and live life in a normal way.
Occasionally cancerous tumors can be responsible for knee inflaming and unbearable pain. Are there. To get rid of knee pain due to tumor, X-rays, MRI scans, biopsies and surgery can be needed.
Sports, however, was necessary to keep the body tidy But there is divssure on the cartilage due to repeated repeat of the same type of activity in the game
. Due to bad surface or running on a treadmill, knee pain may be complicated. It would be better to change physiotherapy and physical activity to divvent it.

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If a person over 35 years of age is under a treadmill If you run around, sit down and practice leaping, then it can hurt your knee. Therefore, caution should be exercised while exercising after the age of
Osteochondritis disks
Osteochondritis disks is a condition in which the knee cartilage translates into pieces. These pieces of cartilage roam only in the knees, resulting in knee-locking and pain in it. Operation requires treatment, which is called arthroscopy. During the operation, pieces of cartilage are removed several times or by fixing it again, the knees are cleaned.
The condition of having cartilage damage and pain in the knees with osteoarthritis it is said. By controlling the weight, with the help of physiotherapy and medicines, this problem can be managed to a great extent. If your knee has been damaged then you may have to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Do you make changes in lifestyle
Knee pain is not a disease. Just, it's a physical pain. There is no need to fear this. Both of these treatments and solutions are divsent, but at the same time you need to bring a little change in your lifestyle.

1- Increase calcium intake in your diet. Add low fat milk, dairy products, almonds, soya and green leafy vegetables to your diet.
2- Sunlight is considered to be the source of vitamin D. When the sun's rays of the morning fall on the body, the body becomes strong. Spend some time in the morning sunlight and eat eggs if you do not have vitamin D deficiency in the body.
3- If weight is high then take positive steps towards controlling it. Get help with good diet and exercise.
4- Jogging or running on a sand surface or on a soft surface. If knee breaks down, avoid sneezing, leaping, and running on the treadmill.
5- If your knee has pain and swelling continuously for 4 weeks, then do not take it lightly and consult an orthopedic surgeon.
Make this easy exercise
with the help of exercises you can overcome some of your knees pain. For this, remove one tube from the bicycle tire and place it in the right leg on the front of the chair. After that sit on that chair and put your right leg inside that tube. Now, stretching the bicycle tube, lift your foot upwards and keep your leg in the same position for a minute or two, then gradually bring your feet down to the first position. When this exercise of the right foot is completed, repeat this procedure for the left foot. This exercise is very easy. Repeat this exercise twice a day, 10-15 times a day, during knee problems.

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Learn about 10 reasons for pain in the knees and easy ways to get relief (10 Possible Causes For Knee Pain) | Timesok.com Learn about 10 reasons for pain in the knees and easy ways to get relief (10 Possible Causes For Knee Pain)
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