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Is there a boy in your womb or a girl ..? ©

Who does not have the happiness to become a mother. It is the most beautiful feeling of the world. That does not happen in everyone's fortune. But those who find this pleasant experience, they happily win this moment. It is very difficult to know that there is a child born in the womb or a girl. So in this way, we know from our own experience that what will be the child coming in? So let us know some of the speculations from which we can recognize that there is a baby boy or girl in the womb ...?
1. If you are getting more mood than you are,
it is said that you are going to give birth to a daughter.
Because this increases the female hormone.
2. If your left breast is bigger than the right then you will have a daughter.
If there is a son then the right breast will be bigger than the left.
3. If nipples get more black than needed, then it is believed that there will be a son.
4. If the color of the urine is yellow, then the son and if it is light yellow then the daughter will be born.
5. If your heartbeat is up to 140, then this daughter can be. Because if the son lives in the stomach, the beating is normal.
6. If mother likes to eat salty, then she is a son if she likes to eat sweet, daughter is coming.
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