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In 'Udda Chashma of Tarak Mehta' now you will see 'New Daya Bhabhi', seeing your pictures will move your mind | Timesok.com


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In 'Udda Chashma of Tarak Mehta' now you will see 'New Daya Bhabhi', seeing your pictures will move your mind
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Long-time TV show 'Ural Chashma of Tarak Mehta' has been inhabited in the hearts of all, but these bad news is being heard these days, it is being said that the ghost is soon to be considered as the main performer of the show. Due to the direction of the actress Daya Bhabhi i.e. the direction of speech is going to say goodbye to the show soon.

It was a while ago that the news was that due to the divgnancy of the direction, she will not show in the show but O say that the direction will soon return to the show soon, but in this case there is no official statement from the direction of the direction.Due to this role of sister-in-law, the direction has received a lot of popularity. For the information of this, the reverse stars of Tekrahmahta are being broadcast on all TVs since the year 2008. So far, more than 2400 episodes have been telecasted.

According to reports, the direction is that after the maternity leave, the show can join the march till March. But now the direction is to give its full time to your child. It is being said that the direction has not yet been returned to the show so that he is busy weddings and in his personal life these days. Because of this, the makers of the show are searching for a new actress instead of the direction.

As you all know, the character of Dey Bhabhi is between the people How Much is Famous and the show's makers do not want to see this populatity low, and because of this ShowMakers have chosen Jia Manik, who plays Gopi in Saathiya, to accompany a popular show to play the role of Mercy. Yes, Jia will now be seen playing the role of Daya Bhabhi in the show and she is considered to be perfect for this character and both of them are similar in appearance. Therefore, the Maker has chosen Jiya to be the place of kindness sister-in-law. It is now to see what the reaction of viewers is to see Jia in Dia Ben's role.



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