How to proceed before or behind the Periods, Periods aage pare karne kaarike |

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How to proceed before or behind the Periods, Periods aage pare karne kaarike

The biggest problem for girls is when they pass through periods. Those days of the month are troubling the woman of any age. Abdominal and back pain that arises during this time is really unbearable. So this is a common procedure every month that all women have to go through. But this process becomes the cause of the problem when you have to go out somewhere in that situation.

In this case, everyone thinks that the dates of Periods are withdrawn for a few days. Which is also right. But many girls do not believe it right, they believe that due diligence or divproduction of Periods affects their next period. While it is not so, if you follow the dates of periods with the help of right and natural methods, then there is no wrong effect.

Due to delaying the date of Periods: -

This trouble keeps on boring, but when it comes to going out of the house or some other function, then in this situation all of them start thinking about it. Apart from this, the function of marriage, where to go somewhere, or if there is some urgent work, women are thinking about saving from this problem. If you want to delay the date of your periods for any reason other than the above reasons, then you can use the following natural methods.

Methods of Advancing Debt of Periods: -

Well, nowadays there are a lot of tablets in the market, with the help of which periods of debt can be deed but they can be consumed Sector negative effects on health can be. Here we are giving you some natural and domestic ways with which the date of periods can be carried forward.


If you do not exercise then you have to start it. And if you are already exercising, then increase its timing slightly. Apart from this, you can also avoid your problem for a few days by playing a game.

Do your brain work:

If you have to carry a date ahead of the period, then you have to do stress work for him. Staying active in such activities throughout the day, there is tiredness in the mind. But use these solutions only in special circumstances, because taking stress causes changes in the hormone, which can help in furthering periods.

Note on food:

To further the periods You have to pay attention to your food too. That is, you should consume food that does not create hormones. Avoid eating spicy and chopped foods because this food generates heat so that periods come early. Especially avoid ginger, garlic, pepper, black pepper etc.

Apple vinegar:

Apple vinegar can also help you advance the dates of periods. For this, add 3 to 4 teaspoon vinegar in 1 glass water. And eat it 3 to 4 times a day.

gram dal:

Protein good amount of gram in pulses It is found to be helpful in furthering the date of the Periods. For this, fry a little gram dal and grind it in a mixer. Now make this powder soup and drink it. To make the soup, pour the powder in hot water and cook it and start taking it 7 days before the next period of Due Date. For better results use this morning empty stomach.


How to proceed before or behind the Periods, Periods aage pare karne kaarike | How to proceed before or behind the Periods, Periods aage pare karne kaarike
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