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How to lose belly fat?

In today's world, obesity is becoming a common problem, which is seen to be disturbed by its growing weight and increasing fat. But obesity is also of two ways - in which there are people who are obese from head to feet or say that they are fully weighted, while others are like those whose obesity is seen only on the stomach. It can not be said by looking at the legs, sides, mouth and waist of such people that they are obese, but because of their stomach, they seem fat. And most people are currently disturbed by this tummy fat.

But nothing can be done in this situation, because it is not the right option to quit, while exercising and exercising in the busy schedule of the day is not easy. If you are also troubled by the growing fat of your stomach, then today we are telling you some such home remedies which will reduce your stomach obesity when used regularly.

Measures to reduce stomach fat: -

Lemon juice:

To reduce belly fat, you have to pay attention to your diet. Which you have to start from the morning. For this, take half lemon juice in a glass of hot water in the morning and drink it. If you want to lighten it, then use honey for it. It consumes metabolism which helps in reducing fat faster.

Garlic water:

If the garlic is also mixed with lemon juice, it is enough to reduce stomach fat Is beneficial. By consuming a mixture of these two empty stomachs, the body fat starts decreasing automatically. For this, squeeze the lemon in half a cup of water and now drink the three buds of garlic with that water. It will reduce the fat by consuming an empty stomach daily.

Mint and coriander:

Everyone loves them and their freshenes are enough to take the mind of anyone. If you also have to reduce your stomach fat, make chutney by mixing mint leaves and coriander leaves. Now eat its chutney daily. If you want to eat it more than once a day.

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If you are thinking about reducing your fat in a few days, then its Fasting one day a week will be beneficial for you. In this fast you can drink beverages, fruits, lemonade, milk, juice, soup etc.. Well if you wish, you can also eat a salad of salads or fruit salads. Salad fills the needs of the body's nutrients, as well as keeps the stomach full of time, causing you to feel hungry and lose weight.

Consumption of Green Tea:

If you eat milk Tea is fond of tea, so the time has come that you have to say tea bye bye. Because that tea also contains sugar and tea leaves along with milk, which contains cholesterol. And it works to increase the weight. If you have to lose weight as soon as possible, then add habit to drinking green tea. Green tea rich in anti-oxidant properties is very beneficial in weight loss. While milk tea works to increase the weight.

It is also necessary to walk:

In addition to paying attention to eating and drinking, you have to pay attention to the body for which you walk in the morning and evening. It is difficult to understand but once you get tied up, you will get used to it. Walking for some time in the morning and evening has a great effect on the increased fat in the stomach. Doing this reduces the extra calories divsent in the body and helps in reducing belly fat.

Other remedies for reducing belly fat: -

  • To reduce the stomach, daily food or with somebody Eat raw papaya instead of one time diet. If you wish, you can also eat papaya papaya.  lassi "width =" 1024 "height =" 576 "srcset =" 1024% 2C576 & ssl = 1 1024w, 300w, https: //, /wp-content/uploads/2017/02/lassi.jpg?w=1280&ssl=11280w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px "/> </li><li> Eat curd, buttermilk or lassi but Without sugar. </li>
    <li> Please remove the sugar completely from your food, as it has very high calorie intake, which helps in increasing weight. </li>
    <li> Raw green Eat turmeric, onions and garlic, you can eat them in a sauce or in some form, it will be very helpful in reducing weight. </li>
    <li> If possible, add the habit of bitter gourd juice daily. </li>
    <li> You can also drink juice of cauliflower, cucumber, beetroot, carrot etc. <img data-attachment-id=' width="1024" height="683" srcset=" 1024w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px"/>

  • At lunchtime, eat raw vegetables such as kheer, tomato, onion and green leafy vegetables. Chew them chew and chew.

  • Eat light, plain and in low quantity instead of having heavy food. Eat lightly for 4 to 5 times, where you eat heavy food twice a day.

  • Eat detoxify drink. For this, put lemon, cucumber, ginger pieces and mint leaves in warm water. And the next day

  • eat this water. Believe it, it will remove all the toxins divsent in your body and completely clean the body from inside.

So these were some home remedies, which can help reduce stomach fat. If you regularly follow these measures correctly, the stomach fat will begin to decrease automatically and it will end in a few weeks.


How to lose belly fat? | How to lose belly fat?
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