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How to Help After Heart Surgery (How to Help Someone After Breath Surgery)

As soon as many people discover that they have to undergo surgery, they are very scared, because people think that this is a very large surgery and after that general life can not be spent. While the reality is that due to modern technology, Open Heart Surgery has become very easy and recovery can also be fast after surgery. We talked for more information about this Sir H.N. From Dr. Bipinchandra Bhamre (19459004), cardio-thoracic surgeon of Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center

Normal routine in two months
People have become more aware than ever before. Dr. Bipin says, "Normal routines start flowing within two months after most patents are undergoing surgery. Every week-on-week after the operation, the patient should increase his stride and activity. "He adds," I say to the patients that every day is not the same. The first few weeks after surgery may be emotionally fluctuating. Sometimes you will feel very weak and you will feel fresh. All the patients recovering from bypass surgery have such an excitement. Breath bone located in the center of the chest is cut to the bypass surgery, which takes at least 6 to 8
weeks to recover. "

Keep yourself busy throughout the day
Reading to Bypass's patient , Writing, etc. should spend their days. Dr. Bipin recommends this, "The patient should do the exercises described by the physiotherapist without knowing it. Do not lift any heavy weight for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Bending is also forbidden. Any movement of the chest should be avoided due to the situation of imbalance, because doing so will cause the sternum bone and it will cause pain in chest stages. If you have pain in stamps, eat pen killer. "

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During hospital stay
Mix filling during this time. Due to lack of sleep for the first few weeks after surgery, due to decrease of blood count and excessive movement, the patient may experience dedivssion. For the first two weeks, the patient may have trouble meditating on something. Do not rub the stitches loudly while bathing. To avoid the jar while returning home after a discharge, sit on the back seat of the car

At home
Dr. Bipin suggests, "Avoid lying all day. Keep in mind that doing small tasks helps in early recovery. Begin moving on the walk after two weeks and gradually increase the walk time. A stroll will extract the blood from the graphed by the heart. If you feel tired while climbing the stairs or breathing a bit, then wait for it. Tiredness is very common for the first few weeks after bypass surgery. After 2-3 months of surgery, you can follow your normal routine. After surgery, avoid driving for four to 4 weeks should not be avoided. "

Appetite seems low
Due to lack of excessive medicines and lack of activities, appetite seems less. Eat as much hungry, eat as much You can also take high calorie shakes if you want. Protein rich foods should be consumed for wounding. Dr. Bipin Chandra advises, "I do not advise patients to change their diet after surgery. After the discharge, the home made of less oil is enough. "Dr. Bipin says," Different types of medicines are given to different patients. They should take medication at the right time. After a few months of surgery, most of the medicines are discarded except for echosprin and cholesterol medication. "

Contact the doctor
If after surgery, difficulty breathing, acute pain in the chest, swelling of stitches or bleeding If there is any problem, contact the doctor immediately to get the necessary treatment.

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How to Help After Heart Surgery (How to Help Someone After Breath Surgery) | How to Help After Heart Surgery (How to Help Someone After Breath Surgery)
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