First Affair: What was my name ...? (Pahla Affair: Meri Kya Khata Thi?) |

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First Affair: What was my name ...? (Pahla Affair: Meri Kya Khata Thi?)

First Affair: What was mine ...? (Pahla Affair: Meri Kya Khata Thi?)

is about 20 years old. Then I was 17 years old. A Kapoor family lived in our neighborhood. I was very dissatisfied with his family. His wife always forgot the keys of his own sketch by putting it in him. I used to take advantage of their habit and often used to walk around without taking him out of his school.

One day I went to his house with his scooty. When he came back, it came to know that Kapoor's brother, who had come to Chandigarh for an interview, missed his train, because his ticket was kept in a scooter trunk.

I was feeling ashamed of my own He said, "Perhaps the wishes of the guru are anything else. My destination is not Chandigarh, elsewhere. "I ran away from the shy. But his face was buzzing in my ears more things in my ears. Now I started doing some excuse to revolve around his house.

At that time, we could not even think of meeting up front. So our point of view was - Golu, son of Kapoor Sahib. They used to talk in Punjabi among themselves, which I did not understand.

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One day I was frustrated and said, "If you live in Bihar, then you are here Language should be adopted. "Just, he immediately wrote something on a paper and said with a mischievous smile," If you say I am here Go and I do too Hindi writing. If you read and listen, you know. "I started reading the paper that my speech stopped. It was written in it, 'Let the lake be sinking in the eyes, do not forbid it, only in these arms do you want to live now.'

In this way our love was growing stealthily, Destroyed it. My sister got a court marriage with a Tamil boy. They knew that our fundamentalist Brahmin family and society will not accept this relationship because of this relationship. Papa could not bear this shock and he tried to give up his life by eating sleeping pills.

By the grace of God, the father was saved. But as I came down to the realm of reality. I too started loving with a Punjabi boy. Papa probably will not be able to bear another shock. I have to stop my growing steps. From that day I stopped going to Kapoor's house. But I had understood so much that I would be in front of them, then I would break. So I decided to finish my studies in Kolkata, staying in my aunt's house.

The day when I was going to Kolkata, Golu gave me a piece of paper that read, 'What was mine? 'Even today, I am looking for an answer, I am filled with guilt. But even for this society is not less guilty. We do not know whether we were wrong or this Orthodox society. Perhaps the love of raw age is wrong, which recognizes only the heart, away from the realities. But this is like a divcious dream, which never forgets.

- Poonam


First Affair: What was my name ...? (Pahla Affair: Meri Kya Khata Thi?) | First Affair: What was my name ...? (Pahla Affair: Meri Kya Khata Thi?)
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