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Do not forget to repeat this Beauty Mistakes You Should Never Repeat

Applying conditioner throughout the hair

Most women use conditioners as shampoos in their hair. They do not know the difference between shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo cleans the dust in the hair, while the conditioner provides the moisture and strength by feeding the hair. Instead of putting the conditioner on the scalp, the hair should be placed on the tip of the hair. Applying the conditioner on scalp, hair roots become sticky and hair oily appears.
Solution: Launched the conditioner from the fingers of the fingers to the ear and lower to the bottom of the hair. On this method, the hair gets the volume.

Perfume only after being dressed

Perfumes can be used to wear scarf, so that the smell of perfume can also be bad. When spraying, perfume is interacted with body temperature. Therefore use perfume only on skin.
Solution: Before dressing, spray the perfume lightly around your pulse point, like the wrist, the back of the monument and around the throat. Do not rub the skin there after perfume, it breaks the molecular structure of perfume.

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Approximation of eyes by applying a moisturizer

Due to varying lifestyle, lack of sleep, and lack of moisture on the skin around the eyes due to sulititis. The skin can be hydrated by drinking enough water or by applying an eye cream or moisturizer, it can also be used to meet the lack of moisture in the skin.
Solution : If the skin around the eyes is swollen, But the eyes are red, it is not burning and itching, so apply cold comdivssor or ice pack for 10-15 minutes on the eyes. If you like, you can also keep the prison made from caffeine on your eyes.

Applying the Foundation without the moisturizer divsent.

Due to moisture moisture moisture, the thin layer of make-up on the face is clearly visible. So, when the skin is well absorbed by the moisturizer, then use the foundation, otherwise the stains are visible on the face.
Solution : Wait a while after applying a moisturizer on the skin. By then the skin will absorb the moisturizer properly. If you have a shortage of time, clean the face with tissue paper after moisturizing. Bloting from tissue paper will remove excess facial swelling. After that you can apply the foundation on the face.

Take a shower until the skin and hair are completely cleaned

When the skin and hair rubbing heavily for more time, their natural oil is finished
Solution : For the proper care and proper nutrition of skin and hair, good company products (shampoos, conditioners, soap etc.) and tools (Lufa, pumic stone etc) should be used, from which Skin and hair Would cause no harm. According to experts, use lukewarm water while taking shower, not hot water.

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Do not forget to repeat this Beauty Mistakes You Should Never Repeat | Do not forget to repeat this Beauty Mistakes You Should Never Repeat
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