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Nobody boasts of beauty, anyone is educated and one of the riches of wealth. Whatever the ego, it is not good for the person's health. The egotistical person of the ego considers himself the omnidivsent, and the others are small, but in this item of ego, he forgets that the ego also annihilated the great saint Mahatmas. Access to the peak of success is not easy but it is even more difficult to stay there. For which it is necessary to stay away from the ego, because the day after which you have come to understand, your countdown began to countdown.

The ego is destruction
How can the ego destroy man? Its best example is Ravan. Mahanavani Ravana had become so inferior to his power and knowledge that he had understood himself above God, and his ego erased his existence. If you do not have any kind of knowledge and philanthropist, then if you include a little bit of ego, then all of your qualities will be virtuous. Like you donated a poor person in the morning, but you were thinking that you are very good because you have money, so you will not get the benefit of charity. Even if the ego strap is locked on the eyes, there is no knowledge of the good and bad of the person. In the ego, the blind person seems to be right about his wrongdoing, and his attitude makes him eligible for people's hatred.

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There is a hindrance in progress.
Many people do not like this thing that someone should lift their work. They try to prove themselves in every situation (even if they are wrong). If someone tells them "Your job is not right" then the sky falls on them, their ego gets hurt and instead of improving their mistakes, they start thinking, "It's so much fun that they made a mistake in my work." Such people will never go ahead in life, because they do not try to improve their mistakes by accepting their mistake. In turn, the person who tells the wrongdoing starts to say good and bad. Perhaps these people need Kabir to recite this Doha.
Maintaining condemnation recruitment, Patan Kuti Chhaye
Without water, without soap, purified by goodness

Deliverance from ego Humility
If you want to be successful in life then abstain from the ego and become submissive. Humility keeps the ego away. And it also protects from crisis. In a storm, a dry tree is broken immediately, but the tree with fruit does not break, why? Because he is bent like a dried tree does not stand upside down. In the same way, you can also face difficult situations by becoming polite. From today, make humility even a part of your life, and see how much life changes. People who hate you till tomorrow, will also be looking at your eyes with love.

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Do not bend on the face Signs Of An Arrogant Person | Do not bend on the face Signs Of An Arrogant Person
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