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Children's Eating Excuses: Celebrity Mom's Easy Solutions (4 Celebrity Mom Share Diet Tips To Kids) | Timesok.com


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Children's Eating Excuses: Celebrity Mom's Easy Solutions (4 Celebrity Mom Share Diet Tips To Kids)
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To feed the child and take care of his health, there is a lot of work for the mothers. If you are disturbed by seeing all the things in your food, then understand your problem. The celebrity mom of television is telling the children to deal with the excuses of the children, they are effective measures to feed the healthy and tasty food.

Kamya Punjabi
My daughter makes thousands of excuses to not eat food. Sometimes she says, "Mommy, I have to go and eat at my friend's house." Then she says, "Hey Mama, ate in school, Tiffin had eaten, how much Yami Tiffin had made you." Many times, Mind has to be diverted, sometimes by furveet shows on TV, then in her hand a laptop or mobile phone Playing games, they eat food. I also make shaped roti of cartoon character Mickey Mouse, Cat, Angry Bird etc. for the sake of eating Aara. Such roti she eats gladly.

Gautami Kapoor
My son stole so much from eating Aks that if he does not give me food for two consecutive days, then even then he does not make any difference Will fall. Her most elegant excuse is not to eat food, "The food is very tasty." While our home does not have tarted food, To avoid eating food, he says, after eating a roti, he is full of stomach, then after ten minutes he is eating hungry snack. Vegetables do not look too good for them, so I try to feed them smartly, like, sometimes make vegetables or parasol by grinding vegetables or finely. From this, he does not understand which vegetable is inside Paranthas. She likes paneer, so I will make her a paneer-carrot vegetable. She also likes fish, so I serve salad with fish.

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Smita Bansal
Eating my daughters There are new excuses for eating, such as "Mama, I have a pain in my stomach, I feel like a vomiting ..." When I understand that they are making excuses, then I say so angry Let me know that if you do not eat food then I will come I will not let play, nor will we watch TV. If you do not eat food then you will not get energy. You'll get old too soon. By saying this, they gladly do not eat, but they eat. I do not like the vegetable, I make her purée, so that they do not understand that they are eating vegetables.

Both Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Katya and Nevan are twins, so their habits and dislikes as well as habits are very similar. (Laughs) both make excuses for eating food. From the beginning, both of them do not like sweet food at all, so I can not even give them the greed of chocolate to eat like the other mummies. Yes, they like fish very much, so I say, giving them greed, if both of you have eaten well both today and tomorrow, then I will make the fish of your choice for both of you. If you say such a thing, then the whole plate of food on the right gets cluttered. They also like to eat potato chips, so when both of them eat well, then I give them 2-2 chips as a reward.

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