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21 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mulethi Of Mulhithi
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In soft taste, sweet, soft, digestive, heavy, lactating and strong body, due to these qualities, it calms all three accumulated faults.
* To reduce cough in cough, cold Most of the use is used in the costume.
* Increased cuffs have a feeling of burning sensation in the throat, nose, chest, then it is very beneficial to apply the Mulhathi mixed with honey. * You can use turmeric powder for the elderly. For infants, the root of the Mulhaith can be rubbed on the stone 6-7 times, mixed with honey or milk.
* Because it is sweet in taste, all children often chuck it without hesitation.
* Mulihati also sharpens the intellect. Therefore, it can be used regularly for young children.
* It is slightly laxative. Therefore, its powder is used in digestive disorders. Especially when small children have constipation, it can be used as a lightweight rectangle.
* Little babies often cry in the evening. Due to the gas in the stomach, they have pain in the stomach during the evening, when the ruby ​​is rubbed on the stone and after drinking it with water or milk, the stomach gets cooled down.

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* Billa is destroyed due to the sweetness of the girl. Mulhithi is proven to be very useful in acidity like acidity and acidity like stomach.
* Mulhathi is used to eradicate the ulcer in the stomach and to calm cholesty. The use of cooked ghee mixed with alahli is eradicated.
* It removes the cough easily. So cough, asthma, tuberculosis and modification (change of voice) etc. are very beneficial in lung diseases.
* With the release of phlegm, fever is also reduced with these diseases. For this, chewing with a small piece of Mulhoti in the mouth is also beneficial.
* Burning of urine is less than the intake of alcohol and the obstruction of the urine is removed.
* The internal and external injuries The earliest filling is done, so where the bleeding from the wound is beneficial to use it.
* The bleeding from the anus due to the intake of only one kilogram of pulse is closed, because of which it is due . Coarsely coarsely apply on wounds. This stops the bleeding and heals the wound.
* Beneficial is also beneficial in skin diseases. To remove facial acne, it is used by making a coating of Mulhital. This causes skin color to appear, skin irritation and inflammation are removed.
* To maintain puberty, its inner and outer use are very beneficial.
* In case of bleeding from anus, Black soil mixed with 250 grams of Gram and Shankhavasm together, it is beneficial to consume honey and rice with four times a day.
* Mulhadi 1/2 grams, Pipalamul 1/2 jaggery, jaggery, honey According to taste and ghee By taking 3-4 times of cough, it provides relief from cough.

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* To remove eye irritation, Wrap the Padmakh with water and wrap it on the eyes.
* Mixing honey in the pulse of black sesame seeds, amla and Padmakeshar, the hair is strong and black due to its coating on the head.
* In skin scarring If you are feeling jealous and suffering, barley flour and sesame seeds in the barley flour Make the right training and paste ghee. Wrap it on the wound, quickly wounds the wound.

- Murat Gupta

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21 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mulethi Of Mulhithi | Timesok.com 21 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mulethi Of Mulhithi
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