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5 Tips for Buying shoes online


shoe shopping

Online shopping has become a trend as it allows you to buy your favorite things at the comfort of home while you sit in your couch wearing comfortable clothes, listening to your favorite song however nothing can replace the experience of buying in a physical store, especially if we are talking about shoes. No matter how tempting it is to shop at the malls, you can’t beat the fact that online shopping has many advantages particularly when you don’t have enough time to go around like it saves time and also offers a huge collection which may not be available in the retail shops. Just as there are some great advantages of buying shoes online, there are different kinds of concerns to be aware of and to overcome these problems and have a safe & hassle-free shopping experience, we have got you some tips that you would want to follow while you are shopping for footwear online.


Choose a Renown Webstore

A good reputed online store with a reliable and trustworthy history is always a best option while you are shopping online for shoes. What’s even better is if the brand has a physical store as well and good selling experience. When it comes to shoes, where fit, comfort, and quality are essential, the reputation and professionalism of the shoe store is crucial.If it becomes necessary to return a pair of shoes or exchange them for a better-fitting size, then the customer service offered by the store is of the best quality.

Know the right size

One of the key issues while buying shoes online is getting the right size as you can not try them on in this case. Therefore it is essential to measure the length and width of your foot with a measuring tape and follow the size guide which is available in almost every web-shop, before making a purchase. If you already have any pair of shoes from the same brand, then take it as a reference while buying the new one.

Check for Shipping Charges,Delivery time and Return Policy

 Many times, you get stunning designs online at very cheap price but don’t get carried away and be very careful as some sites have a very high shipping rate, which may ultimately lead to overspending on a piece you thought as a great bargain. Also, make sure you check the average delivery time and return policies carefully to steer clear of any exchange related problem in case you don’t like your order.

Choose safe Payment option

 It is wise to stay safe with the payment option you are choosing to pay for an item online as it is very susceptible to scams . Paypal is a regarded as a secured method for online payment as you can claim a refund in case you have a bad experience with the seller. Alternatively, you can choose to pay with paytm or credit card as well.

See the images and description

 The biggest disadvantage of shopping online is that you can not really tell how comfortable a footwear is going to be or how good or bad quality it will be. In this case, it is recommended to shop from an ecommerce website that offers high resolution images of the footwear from different angles so as to evaluate the details. Also, make sure you read the description carefully to know about the materials used and if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact customer service. A great thing about shopping online is that you can usually find reviews of shoes and avoid any immediate red flags in terms of quality. It is advisable to keep the receipts with you and try on the shoes as soon as they arrive so that you can return it in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

tips for buying shoes online

Follow these tips and see how your online shopping experience gets better then ever before