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10 Stunning Braids That Are Double Tap Worthy

Braids are something any girl would want to learn. Whether you’re a hairstylist in making or an athlete in training or a girl who just wants to have fun, they are an easy way to achieve those #hairgoals.
But let’s be real here, apart from the basic three-strand plait or even the French braid, others on the ‘gram just look like a long shot. The over-and-under steps aren’t easy to get used to. We get that. But hey, there’s no harm lookin’, and it’s actually mesmerising.
It was hard to pick, but here are a few of the work-of-art hairstyles that’ll get you double-tappin’.

1. Combo Braid

2. Infinity Braids

3. Layered Braids

4. Rapunzel Braid

5. Heart-Shaped Braid

6. Knotted Hoop Braid

7. Stacked Braids

8. Bun Braid

9. Half-Up Fishtail Braid Style

10. Dutch Twist Braid