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10 Mind Blowing Health Benefits of Salt You Didn’t Know

In a world where everything is about sugar – wanting it, having it and avoiding it, Salt has been put in the back burner.

Here are some healthy benefits of salt

1. Drinking Salty Water called “Sole” not only increases your hydration, it clears up skin and improves sleep!! 

2. Soaking in Salt (Epsom salt) is not only relaxing and helps aches and pains, the magnesium sulfate actually lowers blood pressure, and increases circulation.

3. Table salt is stripped of essential minerals, next time you pick up the shaker look for naturally colorful artisan salt.

4. Choose your salt wisely, many commercial sea salts have been found to have 12,000 particles of plastic per pound of sea salt.
5. Cell Salts are the 12 minerals vital to your body’s functions. Cell salts work at the cellular level and include forms of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium and silica. Our bodies need a balance of these mineral levels to function properly.
6. New research shows that everything we have believed about salt in the last 30 years could be wrong. Eating just the right amount of salt is proving to be beneficial for health.
7. Salt is incredibly versatile and is used in religion and ritual, cooking and preserving, cleaning and for body care.
8. The pink Himalayan Salt has 84 minerals in it. It is good for respiratory ailments.
9. Salt can be used in the garden too! Epsom Salt made up of Magnesium Sulfate adds valuable nutrients to the soil and plants.

10. The body cannot function without salt!