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Most Common Reasons for Divorce in India

reasons for divorce rate hike in india

Divorce is on the hike. Whether it is Delhi, Lucknow, Kerala, Punjab, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore any city and whether it is the upper classes or the middle classes, metros or semi-urban areas…the wraith of divorce is now mundaneand haunting most of the Indian couples. According to our religion once a couple gets married only death can separate them from each other. The basic concept of Talaaq came into limelight in India post Muslim ruling took place and the idea of ‘Divorce’ came after the British rule took place.
Well, apart from the history of divorce, this is a matter which is getting popular in India in recent years. Earlier there were hardly any cases about divorce and the main reasons were disloyalty and domestic violence. There were some cases, where women were bound to continue their broken marriage for the sake of their kids, financial security and fear. The people who think arrange marriages are quite strong, on the basis of kundli (Astrology) concept, which is mostly common in arranged marriages where people match the kundlis of both bride groom before marriage to make it successful and peaceful is totally bullshit. The success and failure of marriages solely depends on the understanding and mindset of both husband and wife. Astrology has nothing to do with this!

Women Empowerment

The first and the strongest reason of divorces in India. Nowadays, girls, women are becoming financially independent in their lives. Those days are gone, when women were not employed due to lack of education, hence enduring all kind of tortures in their marriage life and still continuing to live with such miserable circumstances. Now, the time has changed and the rights have too. Women are given similar rights and education which are bestowed to men. Women getting educated and well employed hence they stand firm against any violence and torture rising in their marriage lives, as they don’t need to depend on their husbands for financial support. Women empowerment has given a fresh angle to our society where women don’t have to go through any kind of disturbances, violence, torture or risks regarding their life.

Interference of Parents

This reason can be analyzed from both aspects. After marriage, a girl has to deal with some real matters and problems in her in-laws house that is sasural. But the trouble takes place when the girl contacts her parents over phone discussing about such problems which make her parents nervous and annoyed. The parents get involved in the matter leading to a serious trouble. Coming to in-laws, a groom’s parents generally don’t want to adjust according to the bride’s needs and lifestyle, hence end up with taunting, misbehaving, creating arguments intentionally which leads to a legal separation.

Marriage against will

There are some cases where married men and women decide individually to get separate from their spouse by getting divorce, as they were forced to get married by their parents, when they wanted to marry some other person they used to love. In some cases, men or women decide secretly to escape from their marriage life with their old love partners.

Conflict of mother-in-law & daughter-in-law

Another very common reason, is the conflict and arguments between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. However, we all have heard and seen it many a times, taking it casually the saas-bahu nok jhok, but it is not that casual as it leads to serious matters and troubles in married couple lives. Today’s independent girls and women who are less introduced into household and kitchen arena, have to deal with the cooking, washing, cleaning and many household things which are quite not acceptable by their mother-in-laws. Mother-in-laws normally find some flaws in their daughter’s-in-law woks such as oil stains on cleaned utensils, patchy collars of washed shirts, dusts on sofa, tables and many more, I guess countless they are. So these disturbances creates troubles between couples too which creates dark breaches and spend their most time in fights regarding groom’s mother.

Inactive and Poor Sex Life

Arrange marriages manages to keep the magic of sex life at the edge 2-3 years, however in love marriage it is quite less than that. After three years of marriage, sex life becomes inactive and sluggish which makes it boredom for both partners. Like we get bored eating same food repeatedly every day, similarly the couples get bored with their partners sex activity and hence try to find love and sex getting into extra marital affairs which leads to a sure shot divorce.

Misuse of Law

According to Law Commission of India, IPC 498-A which fights against misuse of Dowry law, is misused by women and her parents in few cases to take revenge from in-laws as well as the groom. The over-reactive parents and women always try to settle the matter with the help of law, which has got many negative impacts on marriage lives, hence terminating it drastically.