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Benefits of doing Yoga


1. Learn how to give those Midnight Munchies a Miss!
Are you one those who eat a tub of nuggets in bed, only to wallow in a pool of self-pity and shame an hour later? Or those who go to the lengths of eating a healthy snack after lights out?
Healthy or not, midnight munchies slow your digestion and make you feel bloated amongst other things. Yoga on the other hand, not only eliminates that bloaty-fat feeling but also curbs your appetite for those secret trysts with the fridge. Honestly, just all kinds of food cravings, because practising Yoga makes you aware of your body’s requirements. You can differentiate between cravings and hunger!
2. Get Smart
Oh yeah! Finals coming up? Got a presentation to work for?  Yoga isn’t the answer! Well, in the sense that, you aren’t going to get muscles by doing 10 push-ups before you meet your date.
Just like that, you have to be into Yoga for the long haul. Let it get under your skin. The alignment of the breathing with the asanas reduces stress, helps your mind focus and your brain practise its concentration abilities. Get Focused, Get Smart!
3. A shot of happiness
Got dumped? Having a bad year? Depressed about life in general? Well, you need Yoga! Exercising generally helps deal with all of the above mentioned. Well, you might not get back your old job, but at least you won’t be crying about it.
Doing Yoga will definitely give you a boost of serotonin and dopamine (happiness-inducing endorphins), but also GABA i.e. your brain literally forwarding happy excited ‘whatsapp’ messages to your body.
4. Slay the Stress
Unfortunately these days, everyone is on edge. Students, mums, bosses; all of us are always bombarded with duties, responsibilities and work. The stress levels in India, let alone the world are so high; a majority of high-level employees in our country face chronic depression!
Stress wrecks your body’s otherwise ability to handle your daily life. Always on guard, always in action, gives your body hardly any relaxation it mandatorily needs. Ever woken up from a sleep and still felt tired? Yup, you need Yoga!
Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system and in turn, helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol so you can be at peace wherever you are.
5. Creative Cascade
To all the writers, painters and every type of artist out there, ever reached a saturation point? A block, that just doesn’t let the words flow, or has the painting brush suddenly become too clumsy? You need Yoga!
Imagine Yoga, reaching the depths of your core, stirring away all the clutter from your mind and creating space for the sake of creativity. The breathing and the stillness make space for focus and the asanas push your expression for art!