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Sex Art present ~ Stefany Moon – Tender Moment


Affection meets raw lust in sexy moving picture “Tender Moment” by Andrej woody planthorny Stefany Moon, a petite and pretty Russian brunette, wakes alone in an exceedingly tangle of white sheets. Topless in pink panties, she exposes little, natural breasts as she stretches then gets out of bed to seem for her man, Alberto whiten. Playfully, she covers up along with his white shirt then finds him lifting weights within the basement. She admires his dark beauty and ripped body, tempting him to abandon his workout…

In the front roomthey create out and Stefany dashes the shirt. Alberto carries her to the couch, along with herlegs wrapped around his waist, subsidence back along with her on high. She takes management, dry-humping him through their underclothes, then frees his immense cock, jacking it rock arduous before removing his shorts. The tip is already oozing wet as she teases his head and shaft along with her lips and tongue. Then she sucks him, with one manicured hand sailplaning up and down his rigid shaft. She strips off her panties and straddles him, taking part in his cock against her smooth-shaven pussy before guiding it within. He holds her shut and she or hegasps and yelps as she rides him arduousonce Stefany sinks right down to take his full length, Alberto takes charge, lifting her and parturition her down on the couch, cock deep within her all the whereas. He plows her soaked pussy missionary voguethrust slowly. Next, he lies beside her on the couch, along with her ass against his crotch and legs splayed to open her up as he thrusts balls-deep in her snatch and caresses her tits. Their mutual adoration is apparent – this attractive couple can’t stop fondling – and it fuels their insatiate fucking. As Stefany’s sexual climax starts to create she fingers her erectile organ and Alberto strains to carry back, determined that she ought to semen 1st. Her body spasms, pussy clamping tight around his cock and, as he climaxes, he pulls out, splashing her belly, mound and tits along with his load.


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